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Our ideology at it's core, is of the simplest, most rudimentary concepts. 
And yet without it, we are all entirely alone: Holding Hands - that's what we do here.
This philosophy, packaged with a set of pragmatic services, is our response to the barriers that
obstruct adolescent society. Frankly, parentless children are becoming adults, going from minors
to majors without guidance in that enormous process. Therefore, our mission is to protect the transition. 

We begin that privilege with another instinctive sentiment... love. And alongside it, a series
of practical applications for life; housing, daily operations, college readiness, vocational skills,
medical & psychological care, and preparation for when our hands are released. We are so honored
to do this work, and we invite you to share in the life-affirming experience. 


A Call-to-Action

We hope to create not only a sense of emancipation and peace, but also, a brighter future - where work, play, and possibility are the welcome mat and the farewell wave. Our sights are set on mental, physical & economic growth, starting with the basic transitional need for shelter and overall stabilization. The more  inclusive the help, the  more  powerful  the  impact!


Watching the work carry over in our residents is what most speaks to our success. After exiting the program, their ability to preserve that dynamic projection of self - continuing to grow & gain, and finally  investing  back  into  the  cause  that gifted them. When they have found purpose in healing the wounded, as they have been healed, is when we celebrate an achievement of our goals.


America's urgency for transitional support is overwhelming, and an impossible task to take alone. However, if we advocate as communities, it levels the playing field and leverages the source of supply. Divinity is bound to this effort, even beyond our many limitations. By broadening our reach with the powerful play of global youth-service partnerships, we devote to this national crisis the very personal and passionate attention for which it deserves.  

board of dir.

Board of Directors

Hope Ricks
Former Educator / Group Home Owner
Malcom Gaines
Former Gang Intervention Specialist / Peace Officer
Brent Standford
Psychology Student / Youth Advocate
Jemal Powell
Marriage and Family Intern / Former Foster Youth
Megan Faux
Educator / Instructional Coach
Ebony Maxey-Wallace
Mental Health Nurse
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Meet The Team

Assistant Executive Director
Margaret Davis
Martha Guerrero
Director of Programs,
Licensed Care
Meka Brown
Director of Quality Assurance
& Compliance
Shari London-Wolvek
Human Resources
Susana Garcia
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